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Introducing New Fiji & Iceland Bath Products

Escape to the world’s most intriguing destinations with Village Naturals® Aromatherapy and the new launch of Fiji and Iceland bath products! Take your skin and senses on an exotic voyage with the Fiji Epsom Bath Soak and Natural Artisan Soap. The enchanted airs of fauna and florals mingled with heavy ocean wind will soothe your mind while ultra-nourishing ingredients like coconut and pineapple oils and antioxidant-rich wild fern extract will leave your skin refreshed and radiant.

Refresh in Nordic nourishment and transport yourself to the Westfjords Alps as you breathe in a powerful gust of wind that lifts notes of snow, mountain flower and fresh moss. The Iceland products include Epsom Bath Soak, Natural Artisan Soap and a first-of-its-kind Floating Candle Bath Bomb. The collection offers naturally-derived, carefully curated ingredients of omega-3 rich camelina oil, smoothing Icelandic moss and hints of shimmering light from a delicate dusting of mica.

Now available at select Target stores for a limited time! Click here to learn more.


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